Evil Ayatollahs Diss Captive American Woman – Obama Silent?

I feel sorry for Iran’s women, but until the evil Ayatollah junta is overthrown, there’s not a lot we can do to restore the respect for women’s rights that country enjoyed before the fall of the Shah.


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  • But after last week’s ‘prisoner exchange,’ we know the backward brutes in Tehran will not hesitate to demean any Western women who fall into their sectarian hands – just like ISIS, they scruple not to impose their shariah ‘law’ on those who belong to other creeds.

For that reason, exemplified by what happened to that US Navy lady, I offer this appeal for our American readers. There are plenty of other reasons to protest too, described below.



American sailors – on their knees – hands on their heads – enemy guns aimed at their vessel.

These images should shock and haunt any American.

This week, Iran captured and held 10 American navy personnel overnight. A female sailor was forced to wear a head covering (RRA emphasis and the Iranians confiscated American equipment.

Video of the arrest and captivity was used as propaganda on Iranian TV – with one Congressman characterizing the events as “Iran’s intentional attempt to humiliate America.”

These images may constitute a violation of Article 13 of the Geneva Convention (III) governing the treatment of prisoners, which would require Iran to protect prisoners against “insults and public curiosity.” That means not taking their photographs and distributing them around the world.

Iran’s leaders have not hidden their motives. The head of Iran’s army boasted they were teaching America a “lesson.” Another senior military commander bragged about making the American sailors “cry” – saying “I saw the weakness, cowardice, and fear of American soldiers myself.”

Can America stand for this treatment of her sailors?

Join us and call on Washington to fully investigate Iran’s treatment of the American sailors and for possible violations of the Geneva Convention.




So, sir, what about those who insult your own country’s women by coercing them into the head-shroud that denotes second-class citizenship?


Support patriotic protest by using this link   http://tip.nationbuilder.com/investigate_iran?utm_campaign