‘Lovely’ Calais Crimmigrants?

 The lucky aid worker, said to be suffering from testicular cancer, said: “Many of them have travelled for a number of years before ending up in Calais, which is not the best place to be, but they’re lovely people…” 

Street in Calais migrant camp named in honour of Dundee aid worker

oooooooooooooooooooo –
Lovely  is given several definitions in dictionaries, but this is a fair example, from Dictionary.com –  delightful; highly pleasing.
Aaah, yes, as Maurice Chevalier once sang, I remember it well…in the past, we’ve noted how pleasing their delightful demeanour can be.
And this month?

Journalists getting mugged by refugees in Calais ‘Jungle’

This shocking footage shows refugees attempting to mug a pair of journalists in the ‘The Jungle’.
Is premature brain-death a common symptom of testicular cancer?