You’re NOT Alone, Poles – The Enemy Within’s Also After France!

The Brussels bullies are still busily beating up on Poland, because it wants to reform its court system and clean out bias from the state media.

Bravo, Poles! Mama Stasi, Liar Juncker, Scheisse Schultz… 

‘A threat to democracy,’ we’ve heard from the Enemy Within. Seriously! The assault on democracy in Poland is dangerous  – The Guardian (who else would be so deranged?!?)
But while Poles are showing their natural grit in the fight-back against EUSSR sticky-beak intimidation, they may be heartened to know they’re not the only nation targetted by appeasement-monkeys.
 Nasty Nils
The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner Nils Muiznieks said Tuesday that France’s state of emergency could constitute a “threat” to democracy.
   This American-born Latvian agitator has an unwholesome record, in which the loathesome name of George Soros looms large.
Nasty Nils was Programme Director at the Soros Foundation-Latvia and also Head Nosey-Parker at the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance from 2010 to 2012, no doubt coining it in, lush plush salaries being usual in the arrogant equality industry.
His antics have included scolding the Czechs for their ‘intolerance’ towards undesirable Roma, calling for re-education of journalists who didn’t share his pro-Roma prejudice, and even demanding state harassment against anti-Roma blogs.

I do have some Czech readers but those in France could tell Nasty Nils a thing or two about Roma realities – even Hollande’s Socialist Minister Vails recognises they are anti-social good-for-nothings.

Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’re Roma or French!” 


Which takes us back to France today, and Nasty’s railing. 

“There is a risk that these measures could sap the system of democratic control,” said Muiznieks, citing concerns over ethnic profiling of suspects facing police searches.
So what’s wrong with ‘ethnic profiling’ if it’s people with no allegiance ot France that are the problem – the majority, the great majority of the undesirable aliens snared for terror crimes are, like those filthy savages in Cologne, of North African origin.
It would be fairly dim-witted NOT to focus on that lot.
However, the French have rejected criticism from Europe’s top human rights watchdog that it was “ethnically profiling” suspects.
Fair enough – purely ‘ethnic’ profiling is not sufficient.
The sad aspect of Islamist terrorism is how often we read about people born truly French – or British, or Australian – who have not only turned apostate, which is up to their own consciences, but also turned on their own countries – which is a sin that merits death.