Cast-Iron Precision in Referendum Timing?

The wriggling worm Cameron will do all he can to get the result he wants from the referendum he never wanted, and indeed broke his solemn guarantee that he’d hold, all those years ago.

David Cameron to shed ‘cast iron’ pledge on Lisbon treaty  –

That’s from 3rd November 2009, BTW  – and that’s why so many Brits perceive his true character!

An agreement in February would pave the way for a referendum in June, avoiding holding an autumn vote during the peak time for refugee arrivals.



So the weasel’s desperate lest Brits are confronted by the imminent blow-back of his mendacious ‘re-negotiation?’  But even the Guardian sees through his devious manipulation of the referendum time-table – his manoeuvring will avail him not. 

Either way, EU migration and asylum policy is certain to loom large in the campaign.

Rest assured, voters will be reminded – and not just by me!

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