Hukum Mati? Ayo, Pak Presiden, Make That Speech Again!

 Not quite a year ago, the media gave intense coverage to President Jokowi’s  appeal to young Indonesians to support his death penalty policy.

He had an audience of teens at the State Palace…….students of Taruna Nusantara high school, an elite high school…




“Do you agree with the death penalty for drug dealers?” Jokowi asked the students, after mentioning that rampant drug trafficking was harming the country’s younger generations.
The students immediately replied in agreement.

  • Aksi-Dukungan-for-ISIS-di-Bundaran-HI-Jakarta-5 ISIS fans in downtown Jakarta
  • ———————–
  • Now his country, not least the youth of Indonesia, is facing a worse enemy than drugs. The poison of jihadist ideology is acknowledged to be spreading across the archipelago, especially on the social media in which youngsters delight.

Why does he not make now a similar call for the only proper penalty to be imposed?

Remember, he didn’t narrow down his demand for executions only for those who administered deadly drug doses person-to-person. He loudly declared he wanted it applied to those who imported and spread the toxin!

The same logic, the same argument, much more powerfully, must surely go for jihadism.


Those who preach jihadist propaganda, who spread it on the internet, who indoctrinate kids – and bone-head adults – into solidarity with ISIS or Al Qaeda or other satanic gangs, are just as deserving candidates for the firing squad as the brutes who opened fire on innocents at Sarinah this month, who plant bombs to kill police or any other people.

All true friends of Indonesia await President Jokowi’s call.