Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore!

Relaxing on my comfy chair, with my old pal Johnny Walker close by, I last night tuned into the BBC, mildly curious to see what form their pro-crimmigrant bias would take on a rainy Saturday. 


Sure enough, some jerk named Fergal Keane was yapping away, prowling the Turkish sea-coast with a pack of illegals.

As I’ve said before, this kind of reporting is all very well if its aim is to expose law-breakers, in order to have them brought to justice.

But when the BBC’s involved, not a chance of that!

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  • Whilst typing this up today, I was also trying to find a photo of Keane, and found yet another BBC video dated 2nd September last year, in which he tracked a gang of smugglers to their sleazy lair.
  • Did he subsequently guide police there, to have those crims detained and thus help stem the tide of illegals crossing the Aegean?
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  • I don’t know, but there he was again last night, skulking nearby as two boat-loads of wannabe bludgers set out.
  • He had plenty of time to get on his mobile and summon security forces. But he didn’t, thereby condemning Greece, and Europe, to another influx of undesirable illegals.

Journalists are NOT above the law.

To be fair, his little film did expose the rancid dishonesty of Erdogan’s proud pledge to Mama Stasi Merkel.

A Turkish patrol DID show up, though not due to any effort on Keane’s part.


That police patrol merely observed what was going on, then drove off!

If Keane had only rung the nearest Police HQ, those Turkish Keystone Cops might well have been shamed into action instead. 

But we expect no less from the Islamist regime in Ankara.

What Brits DO have a right to expect, from the broadcasters whose fat salaries they pay, is not, perhaps, patriotism – it’s the BBC after all – but at least some effort to fulfil their civic duty and prevent crime by reporting illegal activity.

What are we to make of Keane?

  •  Closer inspection reveals he’s not British at all, born in Eire, worked for their RTE and other local media in that country. So what kind of loyalty, if any, does he feel towards the UK?
  • He has, moreover, won Amnesty awards.
  • I hope he washed his hands after touching them.  Lies, Damn Lies and Amnesty International! 


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But nevertheless, he accepted an OBE from HM The Queen in 1997, so I’d say he DOES have a duty to repay that honour by doing all he can to prevent illegal immigration into HM’s realm.

The BBC should issue another of its famous memos, reminding its hacks that they have a responsibility to do more than sit back and record law-breaking they witness.


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  • Especially when boat-loads of crimmigrants are involved, among whom there’s every possibility of terrorists.
  • It was, after all, a’ Syrian refugee’ who murdered those tourists in Turkey just weeks ago.


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But then we have all heard about BBC memos on the terrorist issue.  

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