Arrogant Brum Islamist Rants At Anti-Terror Plans!

Listen to this creep!


Councillor Muhammad Afzal


The Chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque has called for a boycott of counter-terrorism programme Prevent after claims it is unfairly targeting Muslims, including schoolchildren.

Poor Brummies. Afzal is scheduled to become their Lord Mayor in May. 

He hit out during a meeting jointly organised with Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) in Highgate, attended by almost 100 people.

  • racist


What’s that got to do with either pro- or anti- Islam, a creed which includes people of all races and colours. Afzal, and his comrades at that meeting, must be total ignoramuses. 

But he does love hitting out!: “I think the Prime Minister is an Islamophobe, he never talks about anything else but Muslim extremism.”




Well, yes, Cast-Iron has been disgracefully silent on the menace presented by Baptist extremism, Seventh Day Adventist extremism and Buddhist extremism.

But if Afzal is in denunciatory mode, why not make a positive contribution to the debate, instead of sectarian tripe like this –  “The government wants to inspect madrassas, which is racist.”

Madrassas are ‘religious education'( indoctrination) centres, in which any parents, black, brown, white or yellow, may enrol their children.

So again, nothing to do with ‘racism’ if they’re investigated, and if the indoctrinators turn out to be encouraging kids to put supranational sectarian allegiance ahead of loyalty to Queen and Country, yes, of course, close them down.

Afzal whines and whines, saying this terrible Cameron stuff is discriminatory against Muslims!

Again, why won’t Afzal use his position of obvious authority in his community to tell children, and adults, that there’s no place in a civilised country for ACTUAL, and truly offensive, discrimination.


  • burka
  • ——–

No head-shrouding unless it applies to both sexes.

No sexist iniquity in inheritance law.


  • polygamy
  • ———-

No room for archaic anti-social customs like sexist polygamy – or for child-marriage.

Now if he stands up and LOUDLY condemns all those evils, THAT would show he’s fit to be Lord Mayor of any British city.