More Eliasson Vomit? Hardly – It’s Only a Murdered Swedish Girl!

Remember that leftist bigot Dan Eliasson?

We only posted on him a few days ago?

The pinko puke who runs Swedish Police boasted how his country’s patriot party made him want literally to puke.


The party that makes Eliasson want to vomit – Sweden Democrats’ pretty patriots


Now, as more and more reports on disgusting crimmigrant brats fill media pages – even in the ‘mainstream media,’ which in Sweden deliberately covers up the primitive swine’s savage lawlessness, he’s back in the news again.

I wonder if Dirty Dan’s stomach even flutters when he considers what alien scum are doing to his country.


Länk till presentation av Dan Eliasson Dan Eliasson
Rikspolischef, Rikspolisstyrelsen

Before Dan Eliasson became Sweden’s national police commissioner, he tweeted that he ‘vomited’ when he saw Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the Sweden Democrats, on television. It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks …

I wonder if his conscience – if he has one – ever troubles him at all!

Police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg said the assailant was a young man residing at a centre for youngsters aged between 14 and 17 in Molndal near Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast.

Fuxborg didn’t  – and didn’t need to – tell us the age and origins of the ‘youngster’ accused of killing a 22-year-old Swedish girl.

But the man couldn’t deny why Sweden’s violent crime was spiralling out of control. 


  • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
  • ————————–
  • “These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common. We’re dealing with more incidents like these since the arrival of so many more refugees from abroad,” said Fuxborg…

Funny how the lying media, notably the BBC, ALWAYS includes mention of ‘children’ when reporting incidents at sea when illegal immigrants cause the deaths of their off-spring by deliberately dragging them onto dodgy boats.

Why doesn’t the BBC focus on what the ‘children’ do once they reach civilised countries? It’s 1pm here in Jakarta and the BBC has just duly reported on the murder. But will we now have an hour-long in-depth BBC documentary about how ‘asylum’  crimmigration causes horrific crime-waves? Hardly!

At least the Daily Mail gives us an idea of the juvenile ‘asylum’ tsunami’s impact.  

Swedish police warn that Stockholm’s main train station has become unsafe after being ‘taken over’ by dozens of Moroccan street children. 


Hell, I was in Stockholm Central Station in 1971. It was clean and orderly, not a crimmigrant brat in sight.

What’s changed?

The Swedes have gone insane!

The all-male migrant teen gangs are spreading terror in the centre of the Swedish capital, stealing, groping girls and assaulting security guards, according to Stockholm police. Members of the gangs, some as young as nine, roam central Stockholm day and night…

evil children


Seems they got into Sweden as ‘unaccompanied minors.’ Would it have been any great loss had they drowned in the Med?.

The Yahoo news report does add that National Police Commissioner Dan Eliasson has had to request 4,100 additional officers and support staff to help fight against terrorism, carry out migrant deportations and police asylum facilities.

He doesn’t mentin the obvious short-term solution – ‘refugee centres’ should be locked down. Bars on windows, locks on doors, barbed wire around the perimeters. Zoos need to be secure!

But checking the BBC website, here’s Eliasson’s profound observation.“We are forced to respond to many disturbances in asylum reception centres…In some places, this takes significant police resources. This was not the case six months ago…

If the Sweden Democrats, the party that makes him vomit, had been in power, there’s be no need for these drastic steps.