Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance!

It struck me as odd that leftist Italian P.M. Renzi would even bother to take any leader of Iran’s rabid bigot regime like Hassan Rouhani to Rome’s magnificent Capitoline Museums – casting pearls before swine is an old  saying but HIGHLY appropriate to such an outing.


  • RENZI_12_resize Matteo Renzi
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  • But it might have been worth a try, if it was an effort to cure the Islamist of engrained uptight attitudes towards civilisation.

Alas, far from it!



  • On the left, what Rouhani saw of the beautiful statue on the right


Renzi was clearly keen to avoid offending his new business partner. The nude statues and sculptures in the museum were completely covered by large white boxes a mark of respect for the traditions of the Muslim country.

As it happens, I live in Indonesia, 90% Muslim, and often go shopping to a mall guarded by two of these splendid ladies, who are clad in outfits that leave little to the imagination.



Plenty of Muslims go to and fro without reeling in shock. Jakartans are, of course not (yet) subject to primitive ayatollah-type rule and retain the tolerance characteristic of most people, of all creeds, in this lovely archipelago.

I look forward to Renzi’s reciprocal visit to Tehran, when Rouhani will presumably show similar respect for civilised Western traditions by telling the city’s female population to remove the uglifying head-shrouds into which they are daily intimidated…


Supporters of Iranian religious hardliners take part in a demonstration after the weekly Friday prayer in Tehran on May 16, 2014 against an ongoing online campaign by Iranian women for greater social freedoms. AFP Photo Tehran – collaborationist bag-heads rant against women’s rights


….yeah right!

You can see a video via The Local link, of the ‘scandalous’ examples of Italian cultural excellence which Renzi hid to avoid upsetting this lackey of a theocratic tyranny.

And Italian grovelling just goes on and on – seems no wines were served at the state dinner!


  • Beaujolais_Nouveau_wine
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If Renzi had attempted to ply Rouhani with vino, that would have been rude, true. But why impose a shariah menu on non-Muslim guests!

It’s disgusting appeasement…


….and SUCH a contrast with proud France, where even lefty Hollande refused to crawl last year. 

In November, plans to invite Rouhani to a formal lunch at the Élysée in Paris were scrapped when the Iranian president’s request for a halal, alcohol-free menu was declined due to French ‘republican traditions’.

Vive La France, and SHAME on Italy.