“A Small, Persecuted, Deserving Group of Bananas, Please.”

Just when particles of common sense about the crimmigrant horde seem to be percolating into at least a few European politicians’ brains –Dutch suggest returning migrants to Turkey – we are confronted with the latest onslaught by the Enemy Within to restrict fair comment on the primitives invading Europe.



It’s fair to say the Calais Jungle scum are among the worst of the illegals parasiting off civilised people. They are violent, even murderous, savages, given to rapine arson and vandalism.

Declaring that jungle a free-fire zone for a joint Franco-British military task force would be the solution favoured by millions.


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  • Now if Cameron had used any of my usual adjectives or nouns, as in the previous paragraph, to refer to them, of course such accuracy would have enraged every ratbag in the treason media.

They’d have gone nuts. But all he said, mealy-mouthed as always, was ‘a bunch of migrants.’

Yet he’s instantly assailed in the most hateful terms.

David Cameron has become the master of trickle-down hate

That’s naturally The Guardian27th January, some pinko twerp called Joseph Harker, but he is only the most strident of the fifth column.

So is BUNCH now a no-no word?


Must Brits not only curb their humour but also their shopping vocabulary?