Bush-Baby Growing Up? “I Wanna Kill A Terrorist…!”

Came across a very odd news-site this week, starring a pinko female called Amy Feinberg, and she’s evincing affront at poor Jeb Bush, whose chances of clinching the Republican nomination are marginally better than mine but not by much.

Jeb Bush: I Want to Kill a Terrorist With My Bare Hands 

When any sane person watches news from the ISIS Caliphate…



… it’s surely quite reasonable to express such an aspiration. I honestly don’t get why Flapper Feinberg is getting into a flap.

Killing a terrorist, with bare hands, bullets, a gallows  – or by any other available means – is an objective devoutly to be lauded.  Or does Miss Amy not share normal people’s revulsion at Islamist barbarity?

I’ve not commented much on the American primaries, although naturally hoping the mad, bad and dangerous-to-know candidate gets tripped up and brought down…


  • Dead-Broke-Hillarys-house-2-300x200
  • …unfortunately, Ms Clinton is still hanging in there!

Having said that, I’ve just been reading that the equally dangerous and equally leftist ( but at least, I think, much more prinicipled) Bernie Sanders is giving her a tough fight.

It’ll be interesting to see how things pan out.