Tower of Beer, Unseen in Seminyak!

I keep hearing that Bali’s Seminyak is going ‘downmarket,’ becoming more like Kuta and/or Legian, but since I’m not snobby I went there last time I stopped off in The Isle of The Gods, and happed upon this place, the Aviary Resto. 


It’s located at Jalan Kayu Aya and if you want to call ahead, the number is(0361) 732512
It’s a pleasant enough place but what made it notable, to me, was one of its menu items, viz.
Tower of Beer, six bottles, Rp.200,000 – in other words, buy five, get one free.


 A similar, larger tower, more than six bottles for sure!


The waiter politely apologised when we ordered said ‘tower,’ saying the beer was available but it had not that day been constructed into a tower. We assured him that, since it was our immediate intention to dismantle the edifice, he need not fear incurring our displeasure.

Oh, yes. Another good thing about the Aviary is – Fish n chips for Rp.45,000.