Trioli – Total Turn-Off During Breakfast…And Always!

I turned on the tv yesterday morning in Sydney, before I set out for the airport, and was not best pleased to see the ghastly Trioli, whose career seems to have proceeded without a hitch despite her grotesque display of bias which we show you again today.


Virginia Trioli is a puffed up, tired old TV news hack. Only the ABC could possibly give her any work —at our expense, of course.

The ABC’s Trioli farewells a conservative guest | Herald Sun …

Plenty of Aussies CLEARLY share my view of this wretched woman.
Her target then was a parliamentarian who dared speak up against the Climate Panic clique, and Trioli just couldn’t handle the idea of anti-establishment dissent, hence her ugly disrespect for the man.

ABC is truly awful, and since TurnBull-Sh-t replaced Abbott’s eminently sensible outlook, the pinkos who infest the tax-funded broadcaster, treating it as their very own propaganda agency, must feel free to do anything they please.


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Most Australians will recall Turdbull’s couldn’t-care-less attitude when ABC’s little Jakarta ‘guy’ gave uncritical attention to all those ‘asylum’ swine reciting their base accusations against the Royal Australian Navy.

The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely! 

Abbott behaved the way any patriot should, while the ineffable millionaire whose plotting brought him down showed what a wet weasel he truly is.