Java Killjoys Ban Valentines! Why? ‘Non-Compliance!’

Told you so!

Less than 24 hours ago, we posted on the cultural marxist war on Valentines in the USA. We mentioned the annual killjoy-fest here in Indonesia…

Valentine Wars Back Again – But Not Just in Indonesia! 

..and sure enough, an uptight eruption has just been reported from the fine city of Malang, East Java! tells us that Malang’s Education Department has issued a diktat prohibiting students from elementary to secondary level from celebrating the festival of love next week.

The ban is contained in the Circular (SE) Number 421.3 / 0452 / 35.73.307 / 2016 – but the reasoning is as laugh-provoking as some of the cards on sale in every city mall. Valentines do not comply with the moral values, religion, and culture of the Indonesian nation, both inside and outside the school.

NB – so not only are these wowsers out to fatwa in-school activities, but they seem to think they can dictate what kids do at home or out on the town.

And how blatantly sectarian – Valentine, as a Christian saint, may be unpalatable to fanatic Muslims – though not to normal Muslims who know it’s just a bit of fun.

‘Reject Valentine Day’s Heathen Culture!’


But this decree applies to all schools, not just Islamic ones. Who do they think they are, these sticky-beak bureaucrats?

With sublime arrogance, the letter also advises parents to keep an eye on sons and daughters not to do negative things that can harm themselves.

Yeah, right – as if normal mums and dads neglect that duty any day of their lives! 

“We hope the schools actively monitor their students,” said Head of Education Department, Zubaidah.

She’d have done well in the Stasi!

Zubaidah with the Diktat!


And she’s a vindictive old besom (I say ‘old’ but those awful head-scarves do tend to make women look older than they really are!)

 Zubaidah also asked schools to impose sanctions if their students are caught celebrating Valentine’s Day.

What a mean woman!