O Canada! Ingrate ‘Refugees’ Cause ‘Tough Conversations!’

If only!

I haven’t written much about Canada recently – the horror of another member of the Turdo Dynasty enthroned in Ottawa has deterred me from close scrutiny of what’s going on there.


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  • But tonight I read that all too many of Canada’s influx of ‘refugees’ – aka ingrate immigrants – are refusing housing, even though they may be given more than one choice of home.
  • Incredible!

A variety of excuses are offered. .

‘They’d like to stick together’

So they come to Canada and don’t want to be housed among Canadians?

Well, if they insist on living cheek-by-jowl with Syrians, there’s a country called Syria.

Or if not Syria, plenty of Arabic -speaking countries, with pots of money and lots of space, like Saudi, where they could go.



Or is it true that the Saudis don’t want them?

...Syrian migrants are only allowed in with either a work permit or a tourist visa, and those are only given after a very thorough vetting process. Some lucky migrants have been granted extended stays in Saudi Arabia…but very few of them will receive the kind of residency and benefits they’ll find in Western Europe. 
Why Isn’t Saudi Arabia Taking In Any Refugees?

Another common whine is apparently that there’s no mosque near enough to suit them!


When my great3-grandfather arrived from Ulster in the 1830s, there were NO churches in the Ontario woods.

He and this fellow-pioneers had to get together and build one for themselves.



Which reminds me, they also had to build their own houses, having chopped down enough trees to clear a space suitable for building on.

So pardon me if I fail to empathise with Carl Nicholson, of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, when he bemoans these refugees’ ingratitude  – he won’t use that word, of course – saying their demands have led to some tough conversations.        Some refugees turning down housing options in Ottawa, centre says

Somebody should have had tough conversations with them before they came all the way to Canada, to explain that beggars can’t be choosers!

Anyone who gets allowed into the Dominion should be grateful for that privilege and if they can’t be content with what’s on offer, they should bloody well hang in there, back in the ‘refugee’ camp.

Let some other folks take their place in the queue they’ve managed to jump due to their alleged, and plainly bogus, ‘desperation.’.