This Weekend’s Semarang Pork-Fest – Trumped?


That sounds like a yummy place to go, and if I lived in Semarang, Central Java, I would.

Or would I?

It turns out that none of my Muslim friends could join me for such an outing, not because they have hang-ups about pork – there no compulsion on attendees to eat any of the goodies on display! Nor is there any indication in the news report that some self-styled Islamic ‘scholar’ has issued a new fatwa.

 In fact, it’s because Muslims have been banned by the festival organisers!

This discrimination was reported in, which tells us that it’s forbidden for Muslims to come along..  .

Event organiser Firdaus Adi Negoro said that ‘organizers realized that this festival could provoke a polemic…so …only non-Muslim citizens are allowed to attend…

What a pity!

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When Islamic book-fairs are held here, or hijab fashion shows, there’s never been any ban on us curious non-Muslims having a walk around to admire their wares.’


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  • What does this Trump-like policy tell us about Semarang, or the festival organisers?
  • Or the impact of the possibility of a polemic?