IslamoNazis Rally Bigot Horde to Quell ‘Disobedient’ Poor!

The arrogance of the IslamoNazi FPI is hardly news, but mass resistance by their victims is!

Klaten is quite a large town in Central Java. I spent a few days there some years ago, attending a Muslim wedding. The people were friendly and tolerant, well aware I wasn’t Muslim but nobody cared. I enjoyed their welcome and their chat.


 Central Java, Klaten in red

Admittedly, I didn’t visit the neighbourhood in the news this week,  what might be called an ‘economically disadvantaged’ public housing area called Bareng Lor, but I salute those poor folks today, as they face INVASION by a horde of fanatic louts.

The trouble started on Saturday, when eight FPI members told a group of people having a pesta miras (drinking party) to stop their disobedience.

 These intolerant fanatics are in the habit of sticky-beaking around town (any town) telling people what they may or may not do. Here’s a picture of their benevolent advice being dished out in another Indonesian town.


  • FPI_13 ‘Please stop eating!’ – was that how they put it?


This time, lo and behold, their ‘disobedient’ victims figured their party was none of the bigots’ business. When ‘the group of people fled toward their residential area shouting that the FPI were thieves,  suddenly residents and security guards immediately beat eight FPI members, four of whom were injured.’


The report doesn’t explain that accusation, but to yell ‘thief’ is a common way of bringing loads of locals rushing out their doors to deal with anti-social threats – which the FPI certainly is!

Overseas readers need to understand that there are no bars, pubs, cafes or anything like them, in poor areas here. There are tiny warungs and wartegs, like where I will be eating again tomorrow…


kkwarung rizky


… but they’d be at risk of harassment if they sold alcohol. You can’t even buy a bottle of beer in a mini-mart here anymore, after the government caved in to wearisome prohibitionism.

And poor people have tiny houses, which aren’t big enough for parties, as a rule. So they may well choose to sit out in what pass for ‘parks’ – small squares of greenery – and socialise there.  And if there’s ructions? 

In the poor kampungs here, folks don’t hang about waiting for cops to come strolling by. They yell out. And residents rush out to help – which the dwellers in Bareng Lor did. Would they rush out if it were dreadful disobedents yelling for help? Or did they see whay was afoot and decide the white-shirts deserved a come-uppance for sticky-beaking?

Whatever, ‘unaccepting of such treatment, the FPI sought vengeance on Monday afternoon. They brought mob support from various Islamic organizations, ranging from the FUI, JAT, the Majelis Mujahidin Indonesia, the Assembly of the Islamic Jihad, and Kokam Muhammadiyah Klaten.

In this reprisal, three local residents were injured.

That’s just typical FPI.  Start trouble, harass people, then run for cover, squealing. We saw that not long ago in Purwakarta.

Bravo, Purwakarta! IslamoNazis Cower Behind Cops – Again! 

And Sukorejo was much the same,when they scuttled to a mosque, terrified of local citizens’ righteous anger after an FPI vehicle killed a local housewife.


fpi skulk in mosque

IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

The thugs needed a police escort out of town at dead of night, back then. This time, they ran away and are reportedly coming back mob-handed.

I’ve not heard of the KMK but the other organisations mentioned comprise the worst sort of jihadist jerks. If you put the names or letters into our search box you’ll be able to study their shameful record.

Now of course the police are taking an interest. Access to the area is being blockaded. Such a pity they hadn’t been there in the first place!

If they’d ordered the intruders to mind their own business, the trouble would never have started, nor escalated to the point where thousands of are reportedly ready to even the score…Islamic organizations from around Klaten are also touted ready to invade.

That last word shows clearly who’s in the right.


The Islamist thug gangs are outsiders, intruding into areas they don’t belong.

Police Senior Commissioner Alfian, who has been trying mediation by bringing together the components of society, housing managers, scholars, and other Islamic organizations to find common ground, would be better to tell the sectarian vigilante  gangs to get lost and leave people to enjoy themselves as they please.

As I’ve said before, why should police ‘mediate’ between trouble-makers and those they trouble.


  • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). IslamoNazis offering social counselling
  • ——————————————————–
  • Curious to learn more, I turned back to to, which is a notably Islamic media source. And it turns out that the FPI’s local gauleiter is, to say the least, not top of the pops in Bareng Lor.

Several groups of residents and tenants want Bonni Azwar, FPI leader, to be put out of Klaten territory. He is reckoned to have  frequently performed actions that are considered disturbing to the public.

Bonni, to be fair, has denounced the original scoldees as preman -thugs! And he doesn’t like a ‘thug’ guy named Suli, whom he claims was involved in the original fight. But he says the police aren’t ‘brave enough’ to prosecute Suli for his alleged misdeeds. Interesting. 

Interesting, too, that so many people are up in arms to support a ‘thug.’

But what about Bonni’s own disturbing actions? What might Bonni (a singularly inappropriate name for an IslamoNazi killjoy) have got his knickers in a twist about?

Righteous Republika tells all!

According to the observations of Islamic organizations, Taman Lampion, a leafy park there,is commonly used for immoral events. Many young couples are dating until late at night.”



“In fact, it is often used as a platform for binge drinking. No wonder if the Islamic organizations target the perpetrators for eradicaion.”

Heck, and some people say I’m not the most objective reporter!