Brain-Dead Brit Gets Bum’s Rush – Wise Thais!

Lazy day today, and the sun’s gone behind clouds, so getting up to date with both serious news and reports of an odd nature, and they don’t come much odder than this silly cow…




… denied entry to Thailand when a border check revealed pages missing from her passport.


rainy day special

We all do foolish things after a few jars too many – I once spent some time looking for my raincoat when about to leave a party until a sweet young thing pointed out I was already wearing it!

But Faye Wilson had used pages from her passport to wipe herself after having a drunken piddle!


  • idiot
  • “We were walking from one bar to the next and we must have been desperate for a wee and obviously didn’t have any toilet roll.

“We decided it would be a good idea to use my passport, which is obviously really stupid. It was maybe two or three pages. I was a bit drunk so didn’t even think about the consequences.”

Really stupid?

She may qualify if there’s a prize for Understatement of the Year.

The Thais were quite right.