ITCA – Undesirable Alien ‘Children’ Amok Again!

It’s those ‘children’ again! 

The employees were only freed when a squad of police cars arrived at the centre and arrested the alleged ringleaders behind the riot.
Meanwhile, the regime’s running-dogs are attempting mystification of the issues, which one hopes will not work.
One example is by some academic bint in the same edition of The Local – it’s full of pretentious guff like this – 
It seems clear that opponents to migration are using traditional gender roles and kidnapping the gender equality agenda in order to gain ground in the much too one-sided debate about the refugee situation. 
Silly woman.
Who’s worse? 
People who set about kidnapping the gender equality agenda. 
Or the rabid alien brats who go about sexually assaulting Swedish girls?
Or the sicko courts who disgrace themselves by unleashing convicted rapists?  
The one-sided aspect arises from deliberate suppression of migrant crime news.
The lapdog media would never have adopted their cover-up policy on crimmigrant activity if there was nothing to hide.

a lone young boy …?

But truth will out, despite their best efforts.

Did you notice our inverted commas when we posted on the allegedly ’15-year-old’ ‘asylum’ alien detained for the brutal murder of a lovely young woman?

Sweden’s Evil Eliason – A Dog and its Vomit! 

Now some of the more honest media are catchng up! 

‘15yo’ boy who killed Swedish social worker is in fact an adult – migration agency