More Horrid Walkers On The Way!



No, I’m not writing about this interesting item by Australia’s Andrew Bolt!.

…which is actually brilliant and should be read. It further shreds the threadbare leftist lies about how ‘desperate’ these illegal alien charlatans really are.

No, the Horrid Walkers we actually want to see up close are not another wave of parasite crimmigrant phoneys but tonight’s TV spectacle that so many of us have been eagerly awaiting.

YOU SHOULD BE SCARED There’s no preparing for The Walking Dead‘s midseason premiere



So enthused am I about the return of my fave programme that I’m not even going to read that article. No wish to spoil the fun!

My Mondays have been agreeably filled, in its absence, with the new crime series Bosch. Now it’ll be one after the other – no bad thing to have a guaranteed night in!

Right, I have a good dvd half-watched, The Revenant!

Review tomorrow if it’s worth the effort!