Absolutely Brilliant! Zombie Confrontation – A Lesson for Europe?!

So glad I didn’t  look at the preview articles about the latest Walking Dead series. From its 8pm Jakarta start last night, it was more or less non-stop action…




… the appetiser being when Daryl saved his companions from a nasty biker gang with a handy RPG!

Switch to the good guys’ main HQ, over-run by walkers –  the hard-core of heroes were attempting a break-out, which went awry.

Young Carl gets a stray bullet in the head, rushed to the make-shift infirmary.


  • Walking Dead’ Cast to Have First-Ever Joint Late Night Interview on ... Rick and Daryl
  • ———–
  • His dad, leader Rick, is understandably upset, not only Carl wounded but Rick’s chick torn to pieces by the zoms!
  • Incandescent in his wrath, he strides forth with an axe – a lone battler to the death against an evil horde!
  • —-

But lo, not only do his loyal comrades-in-arms spring to his aid, battling side-by-side with Rick against overwhelming odds, but all the other survivors, cowering, barricaded in their homes, are inspired by the small courageous band they can see from their windows.

They all come charging forth.


NO MORE!   It’ll be repeated and I don’t want to spoil everything for those who missed it!


But, as so often with The Walking Dead, the horrid walkers made me think of Europe’s plight.




And in these wee small hours ( internet down for two hours, total electricity black-out in our area, very relaxing to read a book by emergency torch-light in total silence) of how decent people are finally beginning to fight back.

‘Ancestral Voices Prophesying War?’ Greeks Take Up Arms! 

Perhaps all that’s needed to turn the tide is leadership!