The Evil and Hypocrisy of Sinn Fein/IRA

A brother-in-law of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe, who was killed by an IRA gang 20 years ago, has blasted Sinn Féin as a party that supported “thugs and killers.”

Please note, the Garda are Eire’s police, not Ulster’s, and this man’s anguished protest reminds us of the sickening collaboration the Dublin Government extended to the IRA, as part of their ‘Pan-Nationalist’ front.

That was formed by Sinn Fein/IRA, the so-called ‘moderates’ of the SDLP and the leader of that same Government, its vile Taoseach (did I spell that right – Eire’s prime minister) Albert Reynolds.



Three guilty men


United in their desperation to subdue the British majority in Ulster, Reynolds and the self-righteous slob John Hume embraced the terrorists, the blood on Adams’ hands rubbing off indelibly on his comrades.


It was an evil time, a time of betrayal unforgotten among loyal British patriots north of the Border, but also with painful memories among decent people on the other side too.
The murdered cop’s kinsman is incensed by Blood-Beast Adams’ latest utterly hypocritical antics, his call for the immediate apprehension of the gangsters who shot dead two men in Dublin…
After all, back in the Bad Friday era, after the republican terrorist cop-killers struck, on June 7, 1996, Adams campaigned for the gang who killed Det McCabe.
The Irish Independent deferentially refers to Blood-Beast as ‘Mr Adams.’ But it’s otherwise a fair report.
It records his demand that Eire’s Special Criminal Court be scrapped, as he claims it breaches the human rights of defendants to a fair hearing.



What in God’s name does that satanic swine know about human rights? As Mr. Kearney, the brother-in-law, says, ‘What about the rights of Jerry McCabe and his family?



Now Blood-Beast claims to want the recent gangland killers captured, a total u-turn on his previous record of doing all he could to protect his IRA gunmen from justice.

Adams would later state that the operation was “not authorised by the Army Council, but authorised at a lower level by an authorised person.” The killing was denounced by the leadership of Sinn Féin, but later the party lobbied for the early release of McCabe’s killers under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement..

Det Gda Jerry McCabe was gunned down by an IRA gang during a 1996 robbery in Adare, Co Limerick

Jerry McCabe, another victim of Sinn Fein/IRA


Kearney is righteously angry.

“Sinn Féin fully supported the killers of Jerry McCabe [during the Good Friday Agreement negotiations]. They visited them in Castlerea Prison; they collected them from Castlerea upon their release; they tried to prevent the media from (focusing) on the killers after they came out of prison….Sinn Féin campaigned for the killers of Jerry McCabe, but they want the killers in Dublin apprehended immediately.”

Given all this, let’s hope the murder-gang get a lot fewer votes in Eire’s upcoming election than the 20% currently predicted.

It’s baffling that anyone except fellow-psychopaths would even ponder voting for vermin like Sinn Fein.