Why Has Ahok Given Kali Jodo An Islamic Deadline?

Blockaded by security forces, strict police control on who goes in or out? 

If that were the situation around IslamoNazi HQ in Tanah Abang, decent citizens would cheer.

But while white-shirt FPI thugs remain free to go to and fro around the capital, and have all kinds of fanatics flit in and out of their lair, residents in Kali Jodo must now feel their little neighbourhood is in a state of quarantine.


kalijodo Kali Jodo by night


Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said dozens of police officers and soldiers have been deployed to seal off Kalijodo, in a move to put an end to prostitution and gambling business, adding that only residents are allowed to enter….


  • ahok Ahok
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  • So, Governor Ahok –  nobody except some media calls him by his formal name –  will you now send cops charging into the many five-star hotels in downtown Jakarta where prostitution flourishes?


Do you now genuinely want all prostitution in Jakarta to be eradicated? Was that report last year inaccurate?

Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama is recommending that the city administration legalize prostitution in certain areas…



“Legalizing a prostitution site would be a solution because no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to eradicate prostitution. It will always exist as long as humans exist.”    Pelacuran Dimana? One Law for the Rich! 


It’s painful to have to put such questions to a man whom I have often offered the strongest support when he’s been harassed by Islamist bigots.

Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

But I have to. And ask again…

Or is this jackboot jive only playing against poor people?

Yes, we did ask that same question last week – Kali Jodo – Think Again, Ahok! Why Delight IslamoNazis? – but another new and very odd aspect to Ahok’s action emerges from the Jakarta Globe report.

He has refused to reveal an exact date for the eviction, but promised it will be held before the capital welcomes Organization of Islamic Cooperation member states for an annual summit next March.


  •  OIC  – The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference)  – new name, but just the same sectarian censorship ambitions!
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What’s the OIC got to do with it? Their delegates are unlikely to go anywhere near KJ. They’ll be comfortably lodged in five-star hotels downtown!

So is Ahok out to curry favour with a body that wages worldwide war on civil liberties?


Image result for organization of islamic cooperation free speech

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