Oettinger the Oaf- EUSSR Commissar Forgets His Flunkey Role!

The Commissars in Brussels have no loyalty to their own countries. I’m not slagging them off when I say that, though regular slagging is the least the arrogant swine deserve.


What I refer to is their specific obligation, on taking their (unelected) positions, to shuck off  national allegiance  as a snake shucks off its skin, declaring that their duty to the EUSSR transcends all others.

Along with that, concomitantly, is a duty NOT to interfere in the internal party politics of the country that sent them there. They are, after all, just over-paid civil servants.

Of course, being largely unprincipled, they frequently flout the latter duty, and this obnoxious flunkey,Günther Oettinger by name…



…. is the latest to do so, hurling offensive and irresponsible abuse at a leading lady from the German patriot party, the AfD.

Grimnasty Gunther was enraged at Frauke Petry’s sensible assertion that German borders should be defended against crimmigrants…



…and that frontier guards should open fire on any undesirable aliens who attempt illegal incursions.

Dashed fine idea!

  • shoot terrs


Cameron should long since have issued such orders to those guarding the British end of the Channel Tunnel – instead the clown puts infiltrators from the Jungle swarm into cosy hotels, at UK tax-payers’ expense.

But depend on toe-rags like Oettinger to take the enemy side. He insulted Frauke in the most ungallant terms.

“If Petry were my wife, I would shoot myself tonight.” When journalists asked the commissioner to explain his statement, Oettinger said, “This woman is a disgrace to German politics.”   http://www.dw.com/en/oettinger-says-hed-rather-shoot-himself-than-have-anti-migrant-afd-chief-petry-as-his-wife/

If only, I hear you say, in response to his inital words.

It’s what one might expect from spawn of Merkel’s CDU party, and I’m sure you’ll echo my applause for one of Frauke’s colleagues, Bernd Höcke, who dismissed Oettinger as a person with no class, much like the klutz’s HMV, Mama Stasi herself!


  • Hasil gambar untuk CDU raperefugees

Herr Höcke added a neat put-down of the Euro-Toad’s evident empathy with alien primitives by saying the commissioner needed to pay attention to “occidental standards of behavior.”

But the real retort will come next month, when German voters go the polls in several states,. Indeed, it’s a fair bet that the rude oaf was moved to insult by the situation in those Lander!

….the commissioner’s comments represent growing concern among Germany’s political circles that the far-right party may gain entrance into more regional parliaments.

Sure hope so! The rotten in-crowd have tried every dirty trick, along with the collaborationist media, to prevent a patriot breakthrough.

AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

The ruling no-class class deserves a boot up their collective backside.