Yes, UKIP! Never Forget Brussels’ Back-Stabs in the Falklands War!

Good to see UKIP MEP Mike Hookem, a guy with a good record of setting the record straight- Wanna Go Clubbing? Calais’s The New Hot Spot!  – knows who Britain’s enemies really are!




“While Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas on defence and security have the potential to seriously damage to the scope of action and capability of the UK’s armed forces, the creation of a combined EU army would leave the Falkland Islands wide open for the Argentinians to simply walk back in.”




“Can you see the French – who were happy to supply the Argentinians with Exocet anti-ship missiles and Mirage fighter jets – or the German’s allowing EU troops to be sent in defence of the Falklands? I certainly don’t think so!”

Nor should any Brit think so!

Back in 1982, when Brits were fighting and dying in defence of self-determination, the UK’s European partners were up to their necks in betrayal, viz that leak from French Foreign Minister Cheysson’s office, quoting his opinion that Britain’s policy was based on ‘self-conceit’ and an ‘instinctive contempt’ for Latins.


 Mitterand and Cheysson


Mitterand, far from disowning his anti-British appointee, declared that there should be ‘no question of punishing Argentina.’   

Oh, and then there was Klaus Bolling, who popped up like a demonic jack-in-the-box, this time with the sonorous warning that his government would be ‘deeply dismayed if there was no final attempt’ to avoid a British victory.


Schmidt and Bolling


Nobody today remembers Bolling, but he was the appointed spokesman for Helmut Schmidt, then Chancellor of Germany, who died recently, buried with full honours.

Not so honourable, though, was Schmidt’s betrayal of hs ally, when his government, with sanctions still on place – for what they were worth – called for a halt to the liberation of the Falklands.

After all, Schmidt had not disowned his Employment minister, Heinz Westphal, who had proclaimed that it was ‘inconceivable and incomprehensible’ that war should be fought for the preservation of the islanders’ rights

British people around at the time will indeed remember “Europe’s” back-stabbing! It’s all on record, with a lot more here...

Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing 

But yes, that was years ago.

The question today, as the EUSSR referendum looms, is whether, with Schmidt replaced by Mama Stasi Merkel …


.Hasil gambar untuk CDU raperefugees


…and Francois Hollande sitting in the chair once occupied by Mitterand, following Mama’s lead like a lapdog, in a show of contempt for democratic principles…Hollande opens French doors to refugees despite … …is this.

In all honesty, do you believe these sell-outs, who sell out their own, would even for a moment hesitate to sell out the British islanders in the South Atlantic.
EU - referendum vote
Another thought to ponder when the vote is held this year.