Enemy Within Thwarts Calais Savages’ Eviction! Or Not?

So you’d think, though you know deep down inside, the ratbags will somehow emerge from their self-created filth none the worse and unrepentant.
And sure enough, two hours later, we find that ABC’s glad tidings were merely brou-ha-ha, as the Washington Post gleefully declares that the crimmigrant hordes are o’er all their ails triumphant.
Thanks to an 11th-hour injunction filed in a French court Thursday night, that deadline has been pushed back. And for now, those living in the part of the camp slated for demolition — its most densely populated area — are staying put. 
Migrants in notorious French camp are spared eviction — for now
Now the savages menacing Calais are none of them lawyers, so we know at once that the Enemy Within has been at work. 

About 200 migrants and refugees living in the camp and a group of eight British and French nongovernmental organizations filed the action to delay destruction of the camp. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday in Lille. According to Clare Moseley, the British founder of Care4Calais…


Lying Moseley’s Quintessential Inhumanity 

Calais’s Crack-Pot Clare – ‘Imbecile of the Year?’ 

ITWA! The dreadful Moseley woman, who left her family in the lurch to go cheerleading for the illegal aliens!

“The refugees don’t want to be all over France,” Moseley said. “They want to be in Calais,” shrills the ghastly bat.

Who gives a damn what these parasites want! They are in France, and maybe they shouldn’t be, pretend ‘refugeees’ who got there after passing through safe countries so no right to ‘asylum’ claims.

But while they’re there, they  do what they’re told. Until this arrogant English shrew and her comrades decide they don’t, and find some pinko court to endorse their recalcitrance. But so far, the court, according to various reports, has yet to make a ruling. Much of the to-and-fro is now about exactly how many lurk in the Jungle.

I am advised that a very unpleasant anarchist organisation, ‘No Borders,’ recently claimed there were ‘only’ 4000 so-called ‘refugees’ around Calais, an assertion calculated to ease fears about the size of the horde menacing the English shore just a mile or so away.

More realistic is the estimate put forward by hard-pressed Calaisians, alongside the migrants. They’ve put  the total at 18,000!

But it turns out that the eviction may be blocked because the area -a mere portion of the Jungle  – has, on its own, got 4000 more or less. This figure has been advanced, as an objection from crim-sympathisers, because the would-be evictors have promised to provide housing for less than 2000 crimmigrants.

So the accommodation announced would not hold the alien evictees. 

Stupid, yes, not to kick them out as far as possible. Back to the Third World, ideally, since they are in no way ‘refugees,’ just a horrid herd, hog-slobbering for Brit benefits.

But there’s an arithmetic flaw somewhere. Does anyone know how many illegals are prowling in wait for an opportunity to invade the UK?

It’s time the security forces moved in, took charge, counted them and finally granted their wish to access Calais’s good port facilities – to load the swine onto a sturdy container vessel headed, not for Blighty, but for home!