Brave Muslim Women and ‘Ottawa Hijab Day!’

 You learn something new every day..,if you want to.

This conflation of hijab with the secular word headscarf is misleading. “Hijab” literally means  “curtain” in Arabic. It also means “hiding,” ”obstructing” and “isolating” someone or something. It is never used in the Koran to mean headscarf.


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“To us, the headscarf is a symbol of an interpretation of Islam we reject that believes that women are a sexual distraction to men, who are weak, and, thus, we must cover ourselves,” the authors assert.

I should say at this point that few things annoy me as much as hooligans who harass women in head-scarves.

Don’t they understand that many, if not most, of these ladies are either bullied by backward husbands or fathers, or big (bad) brothers, into that hair-shrouding?

February 14th – ‘International Hide-The-Yummy-Bits Day!’ 

Or by peer-pressure, or by bigot bosses?

Then some eejit comes along and harasses them for something they’ve not chosen freely to wear?


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  • It’s not just unmanly but counter-productive. If people are picked on like that, they will more than likely feel impelled to push back, even if they don’t like forcible scarfing.

But back to the brave ladies mentioned in my healine.

“We don’t buy it. This ideology promotes a social attitude that absolves men of sexually harassing women and puts the onus on the victim to protect herself by covering up.”


 Asra Nomani


Those are the words of two splendid American ladies, Asra Nomani and Hala Arafa, members of the Muslim Reform Movement.

They were not long ago given space in the Washington Post to explain their opposition to the current push by CAIR-linked Islamists which has seen women and girls being ‘invited’ to wear hijabs.




“In the name of ‘interfaith,’ well-intentioned Americans are getting duped by the agenda of Muslims who argue that a woman’s honor lies in her ‘chastity,’ pushing a platform to put a headscarf on every woman…” 

“Please do this instead:

Do not wear a headscarf in ‘solidarity’ with the ideology that most silences us, equating our bodies with ‘honor.’ Stand with us instead with moral courage against the ideology of Islamism that demands we cover our hair.”

Brave words!

And they should be heard not only in the USA but in Canada too.


This is Aqsa Parvez, a 16-year-old Pakistani Muslim who lived in Toronto, until she was strangled to death by her own father. Her crime was that she chose not to wear a hijab.


Shocking that barbarous bigots like the beast who murdered Aqsa were ever allowed to live in Canada, or indeed that after being convicted of such crimes they are allowed to live at all.

But how about this  ‘Hijab Solidarity Day,’ due today, 25th February? We’ve seen the ‘invitations’ for the Ottawa event.

  “When non-Muslim women will wear a hijab for all or part of the day to be in solidarity with Muslim women. We walk with our sisters.”




‘Solidarity’ with WHICH ‘Muslim women?’ What’s surely needed is solidarity with those who defy sectarian diktats.

Now, however, Canadian freedom activist Shabnam Assadollahi has spoken up, with a letter to the Mayor, Jim Watson, warning him that letting a group hold the event at city hall would damage the city’s reputation “by appearing to favour one religion over others.”

“I hope you will think very carefully about the message that ‘Ottawa Hijab Day’ sends to Canadians and internationally, particularly to those women who do not have a choice, who may be trying to escape a life of oppression, circumscribed by religious extremism, where their human rights are violated and possibly even their lives are at risk,” Assadollahi writes.


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She puts the situation in perspective.

Having read that ‘invitation’ above, we await similar but reciprocal ‘invitations’ for scarfed girls to shed their hijabs and see how it feels for a while to be a free female citizen, walking with their non-Muslim sisters.