Pro-Independence UK Patriots – No Flyin’ With Ryan!

So a man whose passport clearly defines him as NOT in the least British has the gall to pontificate on how UK citizens should vote in the coming referendum.



He’s not the only one, as a quick flick through the List of Shame will confirm, but Michael O’Leary’s fame alone should surely have invalidated media half-truths, like that claiming Leading British companies and business leaders had signed the letter supporting Cameron’s sell-out.  

Pro-EU letter shows mixed business views 

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Yes, SOME were British.
And no doubt the various companies do business in the UK, but so far I’ve identified several companies which are barely better than branch offices for multinationals based far, far away.
And several of the businessmen, like O’Leary, are not British by any stretch of the imagination.
He may of course change his mind!
Many press articles have often described him as arrogant, and prone to making comments which he later contradicts.
If he doesn’t U-turn, it’s up to Brits to exert pressure to make him think again on his arrogant interference.
O’Leary is a citizen of Eire, and so should not be blamed for supporting his own country’s anguish over the political and economic implications of a Brexit. Lord Ashcroft finds Irish fearful of impact of Brexit
But by the same token, he should not be intruding in UK internal affairs.
However, he has the right to say whatever he likes.
Equally, there’s no reason at all for British people to line the pockets of this mouthy foreigner by using his planes.