Blood-Money? Sigmar Gabriel’s Contempt For Germans!

 With public spending on refugees expected to reach TWENTY EIGHT BILLION EUROS by 2017, some Germans have a “feeling of loss..”

Michael Huther, Cologne Institute of Economic Research


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Herr Huther was speaking about the latest scheme fom Mama Stasi’s Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, to buy off opposition to the alien tsunami by spending five billion on German social services. NB –  not even a fifth of the economic millstone slung round Germany’s neck by Merkel’s treason.

As if the money was the main issue.

Gabriel’s shallow mentality probably doesn’t grasp that those most afflicted with a feeling of loss will doubtless be women who have lost confidence in their right to walk safely along the streets of their own cities, and the fathers, sons, and brothers of the women raped, bloodied or otherwise molested by crimmigrant savages.


  • ZDF’s Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann

Another section of the populace with a feeling of loss will be the millions who once believed what they saw and heard on the state broadcasters.

Thanks to low-lifes like Reize-Wildemann, they’ve lost all faith in the Lugenpresse – Germany’s lying media.

And Gabriel thinks that splurging tax-payers’ money on social facilities will restore these wronged people’s lost faith?

Der Dicke, Fatso, was the nickname for Hermann Goering, but it would equally apply to hefty Gabriel – though Dummkopf, Fathead, might be more apt.


Goering at Nurnberg – he didn’t like courts in 1945 any more than Gabriel does today


This is the same gross clown who condemned Bavaria’s State Premier for imagining the German Government might tolerate legal action against the invasion of Germany by savages.

Gabriel last year reprimanded the southern federal state of Bavaria for threatening to file a lawsuit with the German Constitutional Court over migrant arrivals... 

As you see, Gabriel is SPD, whose distase for democracy we’ve noted before  Heiko ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots!     Germany’s Red Nazis – SPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

Gabriel criticized Bavaria’s interior minister Joachim Herrmann in particular for voicing the threat of going through the courts…any such legal action would only incite panic and not solve anything.

Gabriel’s aversion to constitutional opposition has of course reaped a whirlwind. It’s Hitlerian arrogance like his which can lead some dissenters to take the law into their own hands – and it’s elitists like Gabriel who then, having slammed those who seek legal remedies, denounce others for not using lawful channels to protest! 

That was while Der Dicke was simultaneously preaching rancid defeatism.

‘Trying to reject mgrants would not help….There is no drawbridge that we can raise in front of Germany,” he said.“And even the CSU won’t resort to having soldiers patrolling the borders with their bayonets to ward off refugees.”

So he’s not just fat, and arrogant, but also a bare-faced liar.

Of course there was a ‘drawbridge.’


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It’s called border control, and more and more European nations have been busily raising theirs.

Sooner or later, unless Germans want Germany to cease to exist, bayonets will be required too.