Wong Cilik, Ahok, TNI – Tragedi Kali Jodo!

I’d just about given up on the Kali Jodo saga, till one reader contacted me to ask if I’d seen the BBC report.  I hadn’t!

But last night it was re-run and I did see it, a rare ( for the BBC) fair coverage, which agreeably made mention of the way fancy folks’ developments seem to slide through the approval process here, while the little people, known here as the wong cilik, get shoved aside.

Or kicked out of homes they’ve lived in for years.

Now a little local coverage of that very aspect. 


“…what we can see right now does not give the impression that the Kalijodo eviction has involved a dialogue with residents at all. There’s only arrogance.”


That’s the view of a spokesman for Indonesia’s National Commission of Human Rights (Komnas HAM)



Kali Jodo


Mr. Hafidz Abbas ( top photo, with Kali Jodo residents- has Ahok gone there to talk with them this week?) was affronted by the involvement of the armed forces ( TNI) in the onslaught against this little neighbourhood, an onslaught launched on the most irrational grounds imaginable, a fatal accident nearby last month when a drunk driver allegedly responsible was said to have been drinking in Kali Jodo beforehand.


Downtown Jakarta – a place of posh hotels galore, all with bars of course


As I asked then, are we now to expect five-star hotels in upmarket neighbourhoods to be raided and shut down if somebody has too many costly cocktails in a ritzy lounge and then gets into bother on the toll road?

It makes no sense at all, no more than does Governor Ahok’s declaration that he wants Kali Jodo extirpated before the shariah fans of the OIC descend on Jakarta later this month.

Why Has Ahok Given Kali Jodo An Islamic Deadline? 

  • ahok Ahok


Many of us have given steady, staunch though not uncritical, support to Ahok ever since he ran as Deputy Governor nearly four years back.

Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

Now we  –  or at least I – need to question the wisdom in so doing.

He has no doubt gladdened the stone-cold hearts of the jihadist vigilante element Kali Jodo – Think Again, Ahok! Why Delight IslamoNazis? by taking down a harmless kampung.

But has this episode made most  – or even many – people who live in Jakarta feel proud? I’d guess many share my dismay! 

As for military involvement in an urban eviction, what are the generals thinking of?

Have they forgotten the obloquy that accrued to the men in uniform after the shameful treatment of a peaceful religious minority in the so-called ‘Operation Prayer Mat?’

At that time the Government of West Java, abetted by the Siliwangi Division’s military commander, wrested  our Ahmadiyah mosques away from us, in Bandung, Cianjur and  Majalengka.” http://www.beritasatu.com/megapolitan/107553-diskusi-ahmadiyah-dan-pemkot-bekasi-tanpa-solusi.html

Such a beautiful country, but sometimes so saddening.