Like The BBC, France24 Is NOT On Our Side!

Still stricken with Jakarta Flu, I just got back from a brief outing to Superindo, exulting in my purchase of my favourite kopi jawa at a discount of nearly Rp.2000 per packet.

Then I tuned into France 24, and there she was.


 Aurore Dupuis


And who is she? It sounds to me that she’s a young Frenchwoman prepared to abet illegal activity in Greece.

She was quoting – her voice not that of impartial journalism but oozing sympathies – an arrogant Syrian youth she’d met, Ibrahim, who says he ‘just can’t stand it.’

Stand what?

Being kept waiting by those mean men defending Macedonia’s borders from the parasite horde.



The same mean men who only days ago found themselves facing a violent mob wielding a battering ram! 

Obvious answer to that problem – go back where you came from, Ibrahim.

He apparently left both his parents there, in Homs, so he has a home to go back to.   But no, he prefers to whine to Aurore about his insolent demand to be allowed to trample across sovereign countries’ frontiers.


  • c7f1d-day11-evildead2
  • ———————————-
  • He could of course apply, as EU law requires, to Greece, which, despite the best efforts of the crimmigrant savages, is still a fairly ‘safe’ country- and that’s where – asTusk said this week –  he is obliged to seek ‘asylum.’

No way!

Nor, methinks, will he have any intention of applying in Macedonia, or Croatia, or anywhere except where big juicy pot-of-gold welfare benefits beckon.


He’s a greedy little swine – and has opened up to Aurore that he intends to become a criminal too.

Quite calmly, Mamselle Dupuis reports his declared intention to enter Macedonia illegally, ‘through the forest right behind me!’

OK, no surprise – many of these these aliens are lawless wasters, but what’s Aurore doing about it?


  • illegals-45735984408
  • —————-
  • It’s her duty, as an honest person, and indeed as a French patriot – for a lot of these no-goods do end up on amok-runs in Calais! – to warn the security forces of this criminal plan. She should have walked over to the border guards, pointing Illegal Ibrahim out, to ensure he doesn’t gate-crash any more civilised countries.
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France24’s Aurore is hardly unique. We made the same point about another yapping malignant a month or two ago…

Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

…but it just goes to show that the media are engrained with an Enemy Within mentality.

It’s not even like the BBC’s shameful behaviour in the Falklands War, when the slimy Broadcasting House hacks salaried by the British tax-payers decided to announce their neutrality in the war between their own country and the Argentine aggression.

The media today, much if not most of it, is on the other side.