New Yank Cast For Turdo’s Canadian Rocky Horror Freak Show?


I’m assured that the above photo is genuine. It’s a measure of the man that I readily believe that!

I can’t for the life of me imagine any other Canadian Prime Minister parading himself thus for public ridicule.  Contemplate the prospect of Dief the Chief in such company, or even Lester Pearson?


Johndiefenbaker Pearson-1


As for Sir John A MacDonald…




It represents another triumph for Turdo Junior in his campaign to make Canada an international laughing-stock!

Even his awful sire would not have gone that far, methinks, though Turdo Senior saw nothing wrong with being photographed hob-nobbing with a blood-stained tyrant.




But now we read that there are even more bizarre characters than Turdo Junior’s pictorial companions above, auditioning for a rat-run to Canada if Trump wins the American election.



And the photo above raises a question or two about what exactly constitutes a celebrity!

Cher I recognise, and her last big hit, ‘Is There Life After Love,’ remains one of my favourite songs. She has done very well out of America and it’s sad she won’t hang in there. 

Whoopi Goldberg has made some good movies,like ‘Sister Act,’ and POTS of money, but alas, like so many Hollywood figures, this elderly lady imagines that making people laugh aloud thereby qualifies her to pontificate on serious matters.  What Whoopi Goldberg just said about African-Americans –



But Al Sharpton? A race-baiting charlatan?

16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

Hardly a ‘celeb!  

And who is that strange little female at prayer (to whom?) in the bottom left-hand corner? Seems to me she’s one of the few who is not yet a senior citizen or approaching that status! 

I‘m told that the somewhat windswept specimen above her has declared herself a ‘lesbian cougar.’ Rosie O’Donnell — I’m A Lesbian Cougar Now!  so I’m sure Turdo would delight in having a photo opportunity with the cougar and her mate! Framed, it would sit well on the prime ministerial mantelpiece to balance the freaky picture at the top of the page.  

The black guy in the black beret I’ve seen in a few movies, but can’t recall his name. Maybe one of those millionaire stars whining at the Oscars about how unfair life can be?  

But who is that grey-haired fellow? Is he a famous actor whom I once watched but who has aged so badly he’s become unrecognisable, like a former colleague I recently met in Jakarta’s Sarinah shopping centre?

But in the end I figured out who he was and reclaimed the Rp.300,000 he’d owed me for nearly ten years!

Answers, please!