Deutsche Welle – Merkel’s Media Lap-Dog Snarls At Poland!

It was just about tea-time when, my flu having abated ( helped on its way by the sunny weather which took me out for much of the arvo) I felt energetic enough to switch channels from France 24 to Deutsche Welle.


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‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play. ‘


Just in time to catch a ten minute plus splotch of vicious propaganda aimed at the Polish Government. Merkel’s attack-dog media slobbered hostility at a democratic parliamentary democracy whose crime is not to toe Mama Stasi’s line on crimmigrants.

Reporter – Poland Protests – People Power on the March

That was the title of the ‘report’ – I found it on the DW website later – link above-  so you can watch it and see I’m not exaggerating.

It struck me right away that ‘People Power’ was probably NOT how DW covered the nationwide demos in Poland against the ‘asylum’ tsunami that Merkel welcomed into Germany in violation of the agreed European rules…



Poles refuse to be dumping ground for Merkel’s trash

………..and which now, she irresponsibly shrills, must be shovelled onto every other country in Europe.

However, titles can be misleading, so let’s move onto DW’s utterly impartial, objective intro. Hahahaha…


After the conservative Law and Justice Party swept to victory in elections last October, the opposition is fighting to preserve democracy. With a climate of fear hampering their efforts, will a major demonstration they’ve planned get off the ground?

Please note, the L and J party ‘swept to victory.’

DW’s idea of a nod to truth, before launching into lies, using the self-styled ‘Committee for the Defence of Democracy’ as collaborators. These come across as typical left-lib whiners, and their character is clear from their demo, which had as many EUSSR flags as Polish!

 I’d describe it as sheer bias – though bias is usually about a pretend attempt to give both sides, with a slant towards that favoured by the media concerned.


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  • In this grubby broadside there was NO effort to let supporters of the government balance the arguments. Since most Poles voted for the government, it shouldn’t have been hard to find some, especially since it happened to be mostly filmed in the L and J Prime Minister’s home-town!.

The propagandists couldn’t disguise the indifference of the average Pole to the CDD, who scraped together a mere four people to join the trip to Warsaw for the demo, in what appeared to be a sizeable town.

No doubt due to the ‘fear and paranoia’ DW claims to observe – although we poor viewers saw none!

To be fair to their CDD ‘stars’, there was a scene from a local cafe or bar where they actually mustered seven supporters for a meeting!

The DW focused on one Pole whose rants against the government they faithfully translated, to illustrate what ‘the political oppostion and the EU fear is a threat to democracy and human rights.” 

But we see not a sign of fear at all, except when a train breaks down and the agitators fear they’ll miss their demo – and no, even DW’s pip-squeak didn’t try to claim the train was sabotaged!

This hogwash descended into near-farce when, breathlessly, the DW voice described two CDD men meeting up in a car-park one evenng, the suggestion being that the ‘perfectly legal petition’ they were organising was only safely handled after dark!


It looked suspiciously to me like any two friends meeting up in a car-park!

Moreover, the heroic quartet next morning strode along the street to the station, carrying their petition and specially made demo banner in broad daylight, unmolested by anyone.  Similarly when they changed trains, they chanted and waved the banners, clearly no whiff of the Deutsche Welle ‘climate of fear.’

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Frankly it’s ridiculous, as propaganda often is.

But it is also offensive.

First to Poland! I like Poland, and Poles, as you’ll find if you use my search box, over there to the right.

Poland has a heroic history, and the Poles just gave a grand mandate to their leaders. What most Poles will think of this CDD branch collaborating with German media hacks pushing Merkel’s anti-Polish line I don’t know. 

I think it’s disgusting.


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  • But secondly, it’s offensive to honest German tax-payers who stump up millions to subsidise DW, only for its arrogant staff to use it for their own prejudice and propaganda.

Incidentally,  one of the whines the CDD have is that the Polish Government has taken steps to end that sort of cr-p in Polish State Broadcasting.