Facebook Gags Critics of Crimmigrants, OK With Murder Page!

It’s hard not to despise a slimy little creep like Zuckerberg, whom we have accurately described as the ideological catamite of Obama.

He recently had a pow-wow with Mama Stasi Merkel and was heard ranting about how Facebook had to muzzle critics of ‘asylum’ crimmigrants.

Already FB users who criticise undesirable aliens tell me they are being targetted by his apparatchiks.

===============Angela Merkel and Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Admits Plans To Censor 


FB’s war on patriots comes as no surprise.

But the latest example of the arrant hypocrisy of Zuckerberg and his geekstapo grimnasties has managed to shock even me.



The sleazy swine are giving the green light to a page urging MURDER!

Facebook has refused to remove a page entitled “Assassinate Donald Trump,” claiming that it doesn’t violate the company’s “community standards.”


So to sum up, Europeans who point out that Merkel’s ‘migrants’ have introduced a climate of fear among decent people, due to the frequency with which alien sex-predators assault defenceless women of all ages, from grandmas to school-girls, are now to be muzzled.

Blood-thirsty American subversives calling for the killing of a presidential candidate, on the other hand, are free to continue urging assassination.

Before anyone asks who reported the murder page, BTW, it wasn’t me.


Facebook censored me a long time ago, for the ‘offence’ of publicising the Cikeusik Pogrom, an Islamist atrocity here in Indonesia.

What steps can be taken to remedy the abuse of ‘social media’ by the likes of scum like Zuckerberg and his Enemy Within cabal?

I’m open to readers’ suggestions.


In fairness, whilst checking this story’s accuracy, I learned Twitter is just as bad. http://www.valuewalk.com/2016/03/twitter-ignoring-assassinate-trump/