Shock-Horror – Bald Eagless Seen Hovering Above Rose Garden?

Just listening to the USA news – well done Ted Cruz, BTW – and heard a certain Democrat telling us that watching GOP debates… 

‘…makes ya wanna tear you hair out!’



I look forward to this urge being fulfilled

The halcyon days when once I sported bushy brown locks are sadly long gone, and even were they not, here in Jakarta wise guys keep hair trimmed very short against the tropic sun.


  •  What’s wise for guys would be folly for dollies!
  • ——————-
  • But women almost always look most impressive when they make the most of their God-given ‘Crowning Glory’ – just look at the Indonesian lovely above!
  • ———-

If this abominable Clinton woman alters her hair to the extent she’s altered her voice – when she was campaigning with Bill in Arkansas years ago, she modulated her accent to suit the courtly Southern electorate, but nowadays she sounds ever more like Streisand’s ‘Second Hand Rose’ – she will surely lose the a LOT of those senior cit groupie guys who evidently constitute her core support….