March 8th – Our Salute to Women!

b9246-rorofitria2 Roro Fitria


Yes, it’s International Women’s Day.


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Here’s to WOMEN!

First of all, the splendid ladies in the photo below…


The Housewives!

…….whose very mention must enrage the gang of pinko exhibitionists in the photo below.


A French ministry for women, kids, cooking and cleaning?


Please note I insist on using that non-PC word ‘housewives,’ rather than the ridiculous, trendy ‘home-makers,’ to describe all those women smart enough to send their men out on the grim commuter trail each day while they can enjoy their children and have pals round for tea and chat when they feel like it.


A woman to share your home? From which of those groups would you make your selection, to maximise chances of dependability?

Think about it

I mean ensuring you have a decent dinner on the table when you get home from work, all that washing and ironing efficiently managed, and the house clean, and as tidy as she can get it despite your best efforts.

Or is a wise man more likely to prefer one of the show-off slappers in the other photo?




  • I ask because last month I saw the hapless Hollande was under fire from freako feminists, who have accused his government of being “backwards”


…for linking the issues of family, children and women’s’ rights under one ministry.

“Hey guys, didn’t you forget cooking and cleaning?” the feminist activist group Femen wrote on their Twitter account.