Ayo Neng! Patricia Gunawan OKE! Asia's Next Top Model?

 With my first visitor for over a week gone home, I cast about with the remote, a restful evenng in order since there are partying duties to undertake tomorrow.

Weary of CIS re-runs, and wearier still of the dreary news from Europe, I stumbled on StarWorld channel, where lo and behold, we had the openng episode of Asia’s Next Top Model, a MOST agreeable way to pass an hour or so on a rainy evening.

I avidly awaited the appearance of Indonesia’s representative, and here she is –

————–Patricia Gunawan,


Patricia Gunawan is, as you see, a very attractive young lady.

But so were all the contestants, not least a sweet, cute girl, I think from Korea, who told us she didn’t want to be regarded as ‘cute and sweet.’  Only 17, she is, so I fear we will disregard her request.

And I must say these gals are not the wraith-like beings that tend to strut their stuff  on Western cat-walks. As the first show ended, they were all tricked out in white – most in short white dresses, which clearly displayed healthy, appealing physiques, no stick-insects to be seen.

The organisers are downright Stalinoid in their behaviour. They took all the lovelies to a fancy resort hotel, showed them their accommodations, then immediately cast one of them out, sent home because she hadn’t measured up!

I felt immensely sorry for the Thai lass, and if she wants to go back to Chiang Mai via Jakarta, she’ll be more than welcome to come along to that party with me!




A welcome addition to my usual crowd!