Gerhana Dimana? Total Eclipse of The Hope!

Given my retired status, I rarely need to rise early these days.

But if I wake, I rise, for coffee, to be truthful, and after all the hoo-ha about a total eclipse (gerhana total) of the sun – allegedly visible all over Indonesia – I have been wandering in and out to my little front yard to observe said phenomenon.

I saw one years and years ago in Canada but it wasn’t very impressive.


And having enjoyed King Solomon’s Mines in its Classic Comic version as a tiny boy  (Gagool the Witch discomfited when the good guys awed the tribe by their astronomical knowledge!) the least I could do, I thought, over my third kopi jawa, was witness this darned eclipse.

Media suggested 6.30am and out I went, but the sun was shining bright.

No darkness visible, never mind an eclipse, nor anyone else to be seen, it being a public holiday, except for one of my neighbours out sweeping her yard.


representations of Gagool..

– ————–

Thankfully, she bears no resemblance to Gagool!

Back in for more coffee, contemplating a return to my pit, when suddenly at 7.15am it grew gloomy! But not a lot. It could easily have been mistaken for an overcast morning in Java’s rainy season. And there are quite enough of those at present.

OK, I tried. Finishing my coffee as a prelude to grabbing another forty winks, when hey!




I’d turned on the tv and some cute chick on TVOne was telling me I’d gotten up too early.

Sure enough, a sliver only of the sun is now to be seen as I peer up, suitably Ray-Ban clad, through the trees opposite my humble home!

Right, done it, back to bed!

PS – far from total, The sun’s back out – and that’s the way I like it!