DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!

Tuned into Deutsche Welle yesterday, and have rarely beheld such brazenly partisan propaganda, even on the BBC.

Quadriga! The International Debate….

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http://www.dw.com/en/quadriga-state-elections-in-germany-d-day-for-merkel-2016-03-10/e-19057372-9798 …was chaired by a woman called Melinda Crane, who rather undermined her role as impartial chairman by suggesting right away that Mama Stasi Merkel ‘frankly, throughout the refugee crisis, has been standing on principle.’

Oh yeah? Flouting ‘asylum ‘ rules agreed with allies by urging the horde into Germany, thereby inciting a stampede by undesirables across a belt of small nations to whom Germany purports to be a friend, disregarding the basic democratic principle of governing with the consent of the governed?

Yeah, right, Melinda, very principled! Merkel’s as ‘principled’ today as she was in her youthful role as a secret police informer



Crane subsequently showed shocking ignorance of the crimmigration saga –  ‘France is saying they’ll take next to no refugees.’ 

If France had actually been saying that, Mama’s buddy Hollande might not be QUITE so unpopular as he is. In fact he buckled to Mama Stasi’s demands by pledging to take no less than 20,000 aliens aboard, adding that to the thousands of Calais curs, defying his own citizens’ wishes to take next to none! .Asked about polls showing 55 percent of French people oppose admitting more refugees or easing asylum procedures to cope with the EU’s migration crisis, Hollande said public opinion was fickle…  Hollande opens French doors to refugees

Billed as ‘debate’ on the imminent local elections, the whole show rather quickly degenerated into an insult-fest against the AfD, the only German party that’s taken a pro-German stand in the crimmigrant crisis.

Debates, after all, are about giving all sides a fair hearing, with a balanced panel – and that appears to be beyond the ability of DW to achieve.

There was a ‘Turkish-German’ girl who opined that Germans had to be ‘educated,’ but the most obnoxious arrogance came not from a German participant, but from a supercilious hack named Derek Scully, who works for the Irish Times.



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No doubt recalling how it took a social media outcry to make the ‘mainstream’ media cover the mass sex-predator assaults by ‘asylum’ parasites in Cologne, the rather smarmy Scully derided social media as an ‘echo-chamber of idiocy.’ 

So much for the thanks due to honest bloggers for breaking the news of Koln Hauptbahnhof – forcing even big international media now to tell something of the truth. ‘Cologne is every day’: Europe’s rape epidemic NEWS.com.au


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Pinko Paddy then launched into a demonstration of his own objective approach, shrilling about the AfD’s ‘cheap tricks and provocations,’ not one of which he named to justify this base slur.

His final flourish of condescension?

The problem was due to ‘uninformed opinion.’

elite arrogance-s

  • Once the simpleton electorate were all ‘informed,’ he averred – about the technicalities of UN conventions! – support for pandering to the crimmigrant horde would swell.
  • oooooooooooo

OR…there’s an alternative view, which he chose to ignore, that maybe the electorate’s support for AfD would be even greater –  were they properly informed by the German media, who have abased themselves by their sicko cover-ups of exactly how undesirable the aliens in their midst really are.


  • ZDF’s Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann

Nothing wrong with an occasional dose of angry insults, but if a ‘debate’ panel are all throwing them in one direction, it’s NOT a debate at all, merely a televised lynch-mob!

Another panellist, a bearded SPD adviser described as a ‘democracy expert,‘ named Wolfgang Merkel, no relation to Mama Stasi, openly boasted how much he ‘disliked‘ the ‘nasty, rightwing, populist xenophobic party.’ 


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Yet he serves happily as an adviser to a nasty, leftwing, anti-democratic party? like the SPD?  Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’    Sounds like he’s a ‘democracy expert’ in the same sense that a surgeon might be called a ‘cancer expert,’ somebody who dislikes what he’s said to be expert in.

What was notable about all the people on the screen was the total absence of ANYONE remotely sympathetic to the patriots. There was plenty of criticism of Mama Stasi, but only on tactics and strategy, and ALWAYS from a left-liberal pro-crimmigrant angle.


Betcha Wolfgang won’t call this savage mob ‘nasty!’

I’m sure the deep pockets in DW could have afforded a search for balance, so it was plainly deliberate policy to ensure only those ill-disposed to the AfD were able to sit there vomiting up their ‘deep’ conclusions on what’s going on in Germany.

But the conclusion that matters will be made known after tomorrow’s provincial elections, which again have been subject to media bias and downright dirty tricks.

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In the Rhineland, in Saxony and in Baden-Wurttemberg, we’ll see!

I make no presumptuous predictions – given the slanted media coverage –  AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest!  – and the concern expressed a few days ago about electoral fraud, who knows what may happen.

But I do wish the patriots a whole-hearted Schon Gluck!