Merkel’s Sham Deal Exposed – By the Turks!

EU Minister: Turkey won’t take back migrants already on Greek islands

We were waiting for the fog to disperse and Mama Stasi Merkel’s fool’s bargain to fall apart, and thanks to this Turkish newspaper, now we know. 

Turkish EU Minister Volkan Bozkır has stressed the readmission deal with the union will not apply to refugees who have already made their way to Greece’s islands. 

Just to make it absolutely clear that Brussels has been bamboozled, or more likely is hoping to con the European public with rays of hope as bogus as Mama’s mendacious claims to care about her country, Bozkir added that Turkey will only begin to readmit refugees from Greece once those who are already in EU territory are resettled among European countries…

So it’s back to the nightmare world of the EUSSR dictating quotas of unwanted crimmigrants –  from the million or more currently infesting Germany – to be imposed on unwilling countries. 
Bozkir almost laughs at the mugs who fell for the ‘grand design’ scenario dreamed up to sell the dirty deal. 

“There is an odd perception regarding the readmission agreement as if they will send one million people back to Turkey. Something like this is out of the question,” he said.
Poor, desperate women and children?
“Whoever is currently on the Greek islands through irregular migration, they are definitely not part of this deal,” he added.
And with a final few words to demolish the notion that Europe’s problems were on the way to being solved, the Turk taunted the gullible.
“It would be more accurate to say the number of migrants to be returned to Turkey in the event of a readmission agreement with the EU will be in the thousands or tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands or millions.”
And to add injury to insult, he underlined that all the hogwash we used to hear about the ‘economic advantages’ Europe could gain from bringing in useful migrants with professional skills was exactly what we said…
EU countries would not be allowed to “cherry pick” during the resettlement process by preferring engineers or doctors over less qualified applicants…
 So Mama’s Brats will comprise any number of beggars and other parasites, as a prostrated Europe gets no say whatsoever in what sort of alien settlers will be despatched by….guess who?
The United Nations!