Boo-Hoo! BBC Snivels for Illegals ALMOST Corralled by Turks!

So what’s the big deal?

The BBC quotes some anonymous creep as saying it’s ‘disturbing’ that a boat-load of crimmigrants got just a litte bit of what was coming to them for deliberately engaging in illegal activity, violating Greek sovereignty.


Hasil gambar untuk danny savage BBC BBC crimmigrant-sympathiser Danny Savage


The 30-second clip shows people wearing life jackets on a rubber dinghy being hit with poles by men standing on another vessel. The people being hit shout out in Farsi and Arabic.

The BBC correspondent, some geezer named Danny Savage, breathlessly asks if this is what NATO vessels patrolling the Aegean will be doing, sending illegals back to Turkish coast-guards who might actually teach them the error of their criminal ways! 

Unlike this BBC pinko, most of us would shout encouragement – even to Turks! – if some effort is seen to fulfil the pledge made by Erdogan, in return for billions of yummy Euros.

But hold that shout – Erdogan’s minions failed to keep their side of the deal, again.


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The boat of migrants eventually moved away and made it to Lesbos.

Good grief – the Turkish coast-guards were close enough to deliver a few well-deserved whacks, but still the crimmigrants get away with their lawlessness?

What kind of good-for-nothing saps are hired as Turkish ‘coast-guards,’ who offer the pathetic excuse that their officers had been trying to stop the engine “without harming the refugees.”

And of course BBC calls them ‘refugees’ with not even inverted commas, with no proof at all that they’re not economic migrants, or jihadists, or just more wannabe sex-predators heading for Cologne.


And is this Keystone Coast-Guard performance really standard operating procedure in Erdogan’s Islamist domain?

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  • If a mugging gets reported in Istanbul, do police move in ever so gently to stop the crime ‘without harming the mugger?’

If a sexual assault is reported in Ankara, does local law enforcement feel obliged to measure their response to handle the crime ‘without harming the rapist?’, .

Thefailure to halt the incursion into Greek waters is what the BBC should be describing as ‘disturbing!


But the BBC is biased, naturally, in favour of illegals. 

Migrant crisis: Turkish guards ‘hit migrants in boat’