Mama Stasi Merkel Will NOT Send Crimmigrants Back to Turkey!

None too impressed by Deutsche Welle this month…DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

…but their headline yesterday merits mention.


Mama Stasi puts her knife into Germany, again!


European Union grasps at straws as it seeks solutions to migrant crisis

Damn right, I hear my readers say, anyone who says he or she trusts Erdogan’s grasping Islamist regime is a damn fool, or at least trying to fool the public by pretending to trust the Turks.

The proper thing to do is ally with Putin and declare Ankara an enemy capital, and apply sanctions, economic to start, then military if required, to compel Turkey to behave responsibly.

Alas, the eminently sensible headline makes way for disappointment, for the article below it consists of leftist bleating, about how illegal it is for Europe to defend itself against the crimmigrant horde. Citing UN conventions and ‘European Union laws,’  we’re subjected to lectures by pinko creeps – aka rights activists and legal experts.  -on how civilised countries have to admit barbarians galore.


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  • However, skip that pinko shrilling. Read instead another DW story.
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Report: German police told not to take refugees to Turkey

German patrol boats stationed in the Aegean Sea have reportedly been instructed not to send refugees picked up at sea back to Turkey. The order was given after officials in Merkel’s governing coalition raised concerns.


merkel danger


Jawohl, Meine Damen und Herren, your own German Government has stabbed you in the back again. Mama Stasi Merkel is NOT interested in lessening the burden her importation of  million aliens has imposed on you.

Sure, she still brays her arrogant demand that other European countries which, unlike her, did not invite the mob incursions, should be forced to take quotas of undesirables.


Hasil gambar untuk migrant battering ram

But sending them back to whence they illegally gate-crashed Europe?

Not a chance.  I hope the voters in those three German provinces with Land elections today will take careful note.