Simple Solution to Melbourne Scum – Down Or Out!

Having had a lot of good times in Melbourne, I was, like most of the people who live there and no doubt the poor tourists who were visitng the city, horrified to read of the savages who ran amok at the weekend.

There were 150 of the vile swine, who congregated in Melbourne on Saturday chanting “f*** the police” and “it’s a public space, we have a right to be here”.

But of course they don’t have any such right. Rabid beasts have no rights, except to be put down.



Then the primitive pigs instituted a reign of terror.

Even more horrifying was the quote from a Salvation Army spokesman, that a fear of being labelled racist meant little effort was being done to tackle the gangs whose members predominantly hail from eastern Africa but also the Middle East and the South Pacific.

If so, that’s damnable.

But what did the man mean by ‘tackle the gangs?’

Sane folk would imagine that requires billy-clubs, ferocious dogs, bullets and the birch, in no particular order.

Ready for APEX animals?

  • Alas, after reading the entire story, I have now concluded that the Salvation Army, to which I’ve always donated, is not a worthy or responsible cause any longer.
  • Listen to the plaintive puke, Brendan Nottle,  who serves as Commanding Officer of the Salvation Army in Victoria, as he tries to spin a pinko yarn to explain the pigs’samok-run.
  • “I think its driven by this deep seated anger…


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… It’s no surprise to me this happened….”

Mr Nottle said African youth, mainly immigrants, had suffered through a deeply tortuous journey to Australia, often spending years in camps in “appalling” conditions.

And instead of being exemplary in their behaviour, to signify their gratitutde ot the land that let them in, they reward their hosts with mayhem?

Sod the foul ingrates!




But Nutty Nottle’s not finished – a lot of this unwanted garbage-gang don’t do well in school!.

And that’s another reason for their mayhem?


  • b5300-retardalert
  • Being too stupid or lazy to do simple school-work that decent kids, normal human beings, can handle?

“We need to have some very serious conversations, and not point the finger, about why people are so angry.”

People are so angry?. This dimwit is seriously talking about the scum, not their victims, the people who have a RIGHT to be angry?

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Gimme a break!

Conversations? With wild animals?

Sure, don’t point the finger…..


…point your GUNS!

That’s how police should be ordered to quell the next outbreak.

But that won’t happen. Not in the current unwholesome climate of liberal permissiveness that Turnbull continues to foster.


Other media sources are more specific about the vermin’s Un-Australian origins.  Violent Sudanese-based Apex gang blamed 

Sudanese, West African and Pacific Islanders, we’re told!

And they should, normal people would surely agree,  be removed to Sudan, West Africa and the appropriate islands, after an extended series of public floggings.

out with them


  • If those countries cavil about accepting back filthy vermin, best then just to beat the beasts till they beg for mercy, then stick ’em on an island which has no human population for them to torment.
  • ———–

Lease Rockall from the UK – sorry for the gulls, though!


With luck, they’d eventually kill each other off.

But again, how many MPs would even vote for the needful restoration of corporal punishment? Or for banishment?

A bleak future.

Nor should we ignore Nutty Nuttle’s other offensive outburst, about how –

“It’s important we don’t drive an even greater wedge with the African community….”

Its that ‘community’ which has failed to turn the scum into decent citizens. If that ‘community’ now takes the side of the scum rather than the police, that ‘community’ doesn’t belong in a civilised country.

Send them packing. .

Let’s end with a little light relief!

Rather than tell the truth about evil undesirable aliens, Sky News fogged the issue with this PC gem, to describe the nature of the rabid rabble.

…a loose affiliation from a range of cultural backgrounds ..