Grammar and ‘Gays!’ – Poor Old Jakarta Post!

I wonder why the Jakarta Post even continues in existence.

That headline of mine  – the word ‘poor’  – may indicate one of their problems, that of finance, since  they seem either unwilling or unable to afford editorial staff who can spot and remedy pathetic linguistic errors…




…which many high-schoolers here in Indonesia would recognise at once. It’s not surprising that whoever produced this inane article declines to put his or her name to it.

But the more you read of their latest nod to ‘pluralism…’ (and if you think the JP is genuinely pluralist, consider their owners’ record of book-burning –

burning books

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

  • which the JP has never condemned!)

…the more the vacuous verbiage hits you in the eye, gobble-de-gook that would be more at home in San Francisco than Jakarta. 

…patriarchal and heteronormative cultures are apparently the problem, which, translating into normal-speak as best one can, means recognition that guys are guys and gals are gals. 

“…feminine men or vice versa are perceived as if they have violated the norms — either men’s norm because they appear not masculine enough or women’s norm because they shouldn’t be masculine..”

Well, Hell and Damnation! Like any sane person, the average Indonesian thinks a ‘feminine man’ is a violation of ‘norms!

But the JP scribbler reckons that if some stubbly bloke goes mincing about town in a mini-skirt and make-up, those who take exception to such a grotesque sight are in need of a vaccination against ‘homophobia?’


Gimme a break.

The pinko who wrote the article thinks the government should guard the ‘gays‘ against ‘discrimination.‘ In other words, if an employer interviews a pretty young lady  and the afore-mentioned stubbly queer for a job, and Stubbly has a uni degree and the lass has not much schooling at all, then Stubbly has to be hired?



Gimme a break.  

Of course businesses ( and bars!) should be free to accept or reject people on grounds of ‘sexual orientation.’ Not only bosses but other workers would be horrified if a trannie freak were hired and then proceeded to demand access to whichever staff toilet suited his pretend sexuality.

And make no mistake, that’s exactly what’s happening in Canada and the USA!

South Dakota governor vetoes transgender bathroom bill   –CNN1 Mar 2016

The gaystapo in the West has caused untold misery by its persecution of decent people who adhere to civilised standards.



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One hopes Indonesia will not be rail-roaded by a shrill, maladjusted minority into following the same sad (certainly NOT gay) path.