Jakarta Post, Yet To Condemn Book-Burning, Calls Now For Freedom?

Yesterday the Jakarta Post had a barely coherent piece about ‘gays,’ Grammar and ‘Gays!’ – Poor Old Jakarta Post!  but embedded in it was a fairly odd definition of communism as ‘an economic system.’




Communism of course is a callous, cruel political system which has murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people and still holds hundreds of millions more innocents enslaved, from Lhasa to Havana.

But we would expect no less from the JP.

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Today, I came across the latest paper edition of that newspaper, in North Jakarta. A quick glance at its front page revealed what should surely have been designated as an opinion piece, but appeared to  be masquerading as news, in which these folowing gems of objective reporting were typical.

The involvement of the police and their apparent favoring of intolerant religious and ultranationalist groups that consider leftist movements to be supporting communism has been raising some eyebrows.

Whose eye-brows?

Jakarta Post hacks, who fail to examine whether or not those ‘leftist movements’ are or are not ‘supporting communism?

communism tyranny


That’s an important question, which needs to be put directly to the Turn Left gang – do they or do they not, each and every one of them, repudiate the satanic marxist creed or do they not?

Only when they have done so can we begin to take seriously the JP’s hyperbolic hogwash.

Which goes on and on….

Imposing restrictions on the freedom of speech, as state apparatuses did with the Turn Left Festival, is both mindboggling and irrelevant nowadays when the country prides itself as being the world’s third largest democracy. – http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/03/15/ban-festival-reminiscent-authoritarianism.html

Whose mind is boggled? No names, especially not the JP author’s!

Irrelevant? Well, that’s a point of view! 

And since there’s no author’s name attached, we must assume it’s that editorial clique whose loud pretensions about freedom of expression have rung so hollow since the JP’s parent company, Gramedia, openly collaborated with Islamist fanatics in a Hitlerian book-burning atrocity. Yes, the very same intolerant religious gang that the nameless JP scribbler abhors!

burning books

Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


The JP clique is contemptible.

If, even only once, they drew a clear distinction between innocent people killed during anti-communist action in 1965…


pkiposter PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia) traitors


  • … and the evil, unrepentant, totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, who gulled so many of those innocents into their subversive front groups, they could perhaps be forgiven for their relentless revisionist drive.

We wait and see, not with much hope!