Brexit and Expats – Court V Cur Cameron?

I see there’s a challenge in the High Court in London this week to one of Cameron’s many broken pledges, the (non)-restoration of voting rights to several million Brits.

EU - referendum vote

Posh Boy actually promised that the iniquitous ban on Brits who’ve lived abroad for 15 years or more, currently disenfranchised, would have that right if his party won the last election.


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  • But suddenly it’s not convenient to keep his word in time for them to have their say in the Brexit referendum in June.

So we have the bizarre spectacle of hundreds of thousands of foreigners, Eire citizens…



Happy St. Patrick’s Day, sir, but don’t vote in other people’s referenda!


…wielding votes on an historic BRITISH decision – and no doubt paying heed to their own country’s hostility to the campaign to Get Britain Out Fear in the air as Irish firms worry about Brexit – while many more potential voters, loyal subjects of Her Majesty, are told to get lost.

I don’t know if the Telegraph article linked above is correct in its assumption that the cause of deliverance from Brussels would benefit from the promise Cameron made and has so blithely broken. Some of the complainants seem to be motivated purely by individual economic circumstances, concerned that their sunny stays in Italy or France might be disrupted by Brexit.

That kind of selfish perspective is regrettable – the recovery of a nation’s freedom ought to rank higher than any personal advantage or disadvantage.

But nevertheless, there is a wrong to be righted.

I frankly doubt the court will rule against Cur Cameron. It’s a matter of legislation and needs to be fought at Westminster.

But there is still time.

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