Ingrate Afghans Play Erdogan Extortion Card!

How many brave men and women in NATO armed forces have lost their lives in Afghanistan?



Offhand, I don’t know, but I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that even one was one too many, given the disgraceful ingratitude currently on display in Kabul.

Today, German and Afghan officials are negotiating an agreement that could see thousands of Afghans return to the country on either chartered or commercial flights from across Europe over the next few months.

So far so good?



Germany wants to begin sending Afghans back immediately, officials here say. The Afghan government has insisted Germany provide Afghanistan with more economic aid to absorb the influx.

AHA! Influx?

Migrants entering Europe are an influx.

Migrants going home is…what, an outflux?

It certainly should not be turned into an excuse for extortion.

 Naturally, the Washington Post focuses on one Afghan man who claims to have genuine cause to fear the satanic Taliban. But even he appears to admit that he only preferred Germany to America because it was a softer touch.

Naturally, the Washington Post ignores the vile scum we’ve reported on in numerous posts in recent months.

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And that’s only those mentioned in our little blog!

Small wonder that even the pro-crimmigrant German government reckons half the Afghans they’ve got there are going to have their ‘asylum’ claims rejected. In other words, they are phoney ‘refugees,’ as many of us have warned would be the case.

But what’s going on behind the scenes?

Consider this blatant assertion of the greed and arrogance characterising the Afghan regime…

“They want to expel by force the Afghan refugees whose cases have been rejected,” said Islamuddin Jurat, spokesman for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.


Who the HELL does this Jurat jerk think he is?

The Afghan government won’t accept this!?!?

Afghanistan won’t take back Afghans?

A beggar regime, whose throats would be cut by Taliban daggers tomorrow if the West pulled the plug, has the audacity to tell those who have paid a fortune in blood and treasure to put them in power, and keep them there, now tells its benefactors what theyll condescend to accept?

Jurat and his clique should be slapped down hard and fast. But instead, it looks likely to be rewarded with typical Merkel appeasement. 

…the details of the negotiations between Germany and Afghanistan have not yet been made public.

Heck!  Merkel made sure the Turks are to get SIX BILLION for controlling their own borders – what’s the going rate for Afghan DaneGeld?