Terror Vermin Find Support In Brussels?

Very late, but I’ve been watching the news from Belgium, where one scumbag has been shot and taken alive, and at least one other is ‘holed up’ as EuroNews gracefully puts it, in a flat in the notorious Molenbeek district.



But EuroNews made an oblique reference to police at the siege having had to face some trouble from locals. This is possibly unsurprising, but deplorable nevertheless.

Decent locals should be cheering on the cops, hopefully urging them to use their fire-arms to good effect, as happened a few days ago when they took out that illegal immigrant.

Some locals undoubtedly are pleased to see savages corralled. But the obvious question arises – how have terrorists been able to hide out in a populous district without word getting out long since? 


shoot terrs


If there are elements in the vicinity who are not on the side of the authorities, they should be grabbed, jailed and deported.

In fact, it’s now almost 2am Jakarta time, so late arvo in Brussels, and I’m still watching.  A noisy ignoramus was just ‘led away’ by police after a voluble anti-police rant, objecting to the anti-terror operation.


  • enemy-within

They should indeed lead him away – all the way to the airport and pack the swine off to some cess-pool country where he’d feel at home.