Dirty Tricks – UKIP Voters’ Cash Goes To In-Crowd Parties!

So if you’re a British voter, one of four million plus, who voted UKIP, your taxes will be dished out to the Tory, Labour, or LibDem cliques to fund their collaborationist capering.

That’s how it is – change the rules to feather your own nest!

snouts_in_the_trough   Tory, Labour, LibDem -three of a kind!

…the party was entitled to £670,000, but under the new rules it will get only £210,000. Ukip took a small proportion of the money because the party wants to reduce the cost of politics.


There’s no obvious reason why any party should batten, ‘asylum-seeker’ style, onto the public purse. They should be required to rely on their membership dues to pay for their political activities.

But in a carve-up so corrupt it echoes the EUSSR, they’ve changed the formula, to reflect not the percentage of votes but the number of MPs.

Transparent transgression of the rules of fair-play.


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  • As Douglas Carswell MP concludes –  

“We welcome the reduction in taxpayer-funded politics. Ukip took a lead in this, rejecting around half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money last year. We are, however, dismayed that the establishment parties have colluded in a cosy deal to reallocate what we didn’t spend so they can spend it themselves.”

This manoeuvring is as bad as the broken promise to give the British people a say on sovereignty, now drastically revised to exclude millions who live overseas.


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A court will rule on that next month, but don’t hold yer breath!

The UK political establishment is rotten to the core.