Erdogan’s Bribe – An Ill-Starred Deal,Undermined Before Begun!

Can’t win, those Turkish coast-guards.

The deceitful deal done, put into effect today, amid much flatulent fanfare, will of course not get rid of the million or more phoney ‘refugees’ already in Europe.

The Islamist Erdogan has only agreed to handle those who gate-crash Europe from this weekend.




And we know that the previous EU-Turkey deal, struck in November, didn’t lead to the expected drop in illegal crossings to Greece.

Ya don’t say!


Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker (L) talks with Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel during an European Union leaders summit at the European Council headquarters in Brussels October 18, 2012. REUTERS/Yves Herman

"How long do you think we'll get away with it?"

It’s another vast con-trick, Europe lumbered with ANOTHER 72,000 of those poor Syrians…German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! …this year alone!

Moreover…If the returns to Turkey work in deterring others from taking boats to Greece, EU countries have signaled they might take more refugees out of Turkey, above the initial 72,000.

And even if the Turks’ efforts to stem the tide somehow turn serious, it will be to no avail anyway, given the whining pinko media carping and complaining whenever any effort is made.

They kept alternating between slamming the pole against the back end of the eight-metre dinghy and trying to puncture the engine or dislodge the fuel line…

Okay so far!


“While this was taking place, a larger coastguard vessel started circling the migrants’ boat creating a dangerous wave intended to flood the engine, but could have also capsized the vessel,” Migrant Report said.

So far so good, you say again?

The chase, which lasted about 40 minutes, continued well into Greek waters with the Turkish coastguard pulling back when they were about half a mile away from the shore of Agathonisi..

To sum up?


Because somebody very high up has given orders ( in German?) not to get real in capturing these crimmigrants. And there are plenty more reasons to be un-cheerful too.

 The first transfers are likely to take place in early April, because each migrant has to be registered, given a chance to file for asylum, have his case heard and possibly file an appeal before being sent back to Turkey.

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Will those ‘hearings’ be staffed by persons more professional and perceptive than other panels in other places beset by similar tsunamis?

For the deal to work, cash-strapped, overwhelmed Greece must construct nearly from scratch, within two weeks, a functional asylum system, deploy thousands of staff−judges, translators, border guards−on the islands, build shelter and detention facilities for migrants to be returned and organize return operations.


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With its marxist pro-crimmigrant regime?

Again, we can only scoff!